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Rated Excellent from 2 reviews
With one of the highest success rates in the country we are a leader in data recovery and computer service in New York City. We started the company for delivering professional services with affordability in mind more than 20 years ago which helped us to be the best of New York twice, voted by New York magazine in 1996 and 2004 for great computer service and repair.

We excel at quality PC and laptop repair in NYC. You can trust us to bring you the best deals on your PC repair and to get the job done as quickly and accurately as possible. We are constantly improving our response times because a speedy recovery is important in today's world. Just one broken computer can cause a lot of problem, especially for a businesses where any day without a computer can mean a lot of money lost.

There are many reasons that you may need special repair on your laptop or desktop. It may be anything from a simple software installation, to a full-blown motherboard replacement, or maybe just a hard drive back up. Again, experience is a huge factor in getting the job done quickly and accurately. With our years of experience we can guarantee the fastest quality service no matter if your computer requires virus removal, upgrade, screen repair, or any other type of repair and maintenance work.
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • IT Support
  • Laptop Repair
  • Software Installation
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
Contact Information
Phone Number (212) 935-9200
City New York, NY
Zip Code 10022
Address 226 East 54th St #400
Products and Services
Our engineers can provide all of your networking needs, be it Designing, Setting up a Network, its maintenance or troubleshooting. Our networking specialists can build and maintain home and corporate networks and Intranets flawlessly. Our team can efficiently layout structured cabling and install firewalls, (T1, T3, DSL & cable) modems for Internet access, routers, hubs, switches, etc. Along with delivering good quality systems, it would be expected of us to provide timely maintenance, which ensures minimum downtime, and we are glad to be doing a good job of it too.
Over the years large corporations, home grown businesses, and end users have migrated their data storage needs from a single solution, to high speed, multi-cached, distributed I/O configurations. Redundant Array Of Independent Disks or RAID technology has been available for many years, its prevalence has become increasingly significant due to larger operating systems, more robust applications, and a myriad of graphic and sound storage requirements. We understand all of these needs and address them on a personal level. We recover repair inaccessible data from nearly all forms of RAID system servers.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 2 reviews
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by Hab
May 06, 2011
I am a regular client of amnet data solution, Our company have over 50 computer and the need maintenance all the time.

By selecting amnet solution the cost was minimized at the lowest, I had also got quotes from differ computer repairs but nobody could beat the price. Their charges are appropriate, services are always on time plus I don’t have to call them again and again whenever our company’s computers are fixed.

Our company had a very bad experience before joining Amnet, paid a lot bucks but the problem stay their. There are so many rip off in this industry please select your computer guy wisely, so you won't be wasting lot of dollars like I did….
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  Best in data recovery NY
by Sammy Show
Apr 29, 2011
When I woke up yesterday to the ultimate black-screen-of-death on my PC, I was completely stressed out. I would push the power button and there was not so much as a whir, or even a purr, nary an inkling of life. While that is NEVER a good thing, thanks to Amnet Data Soultions, it wasn't a bad thing either. After an hour or so on the phone, we determined that is my hard drive. I m 100% satisfied with there work and Price
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