Computer Speed Shop

Computer Speed Shop is an Independent Computer Repair specializes in computer repair also Virus & Spyware Removal. Have my degree in information technology also my a+ certification.

Also worked Circuit City & Staples as computer tech also in technology sales helping customers get the right technology for their needs. Plus have 16+ experience solving computer related issues so I understand the understand your pain and frustration.

When you're working with technology in things not going right maybe pop-ups or your web page redirect to other sites can't nothing done.

Computer Speed Shop is here to take care of all your computer & virus needs and stand by the customer making sure everything is working like new again.

To us a happy client's unique needs are of major importance no matter where in the USA you happen to be located.

Here at Computer Speed Shop (CSS) we do not charge by the hour and prefer to offer low prices for the services we offer. CSS is looking to help you in this 21st Century of technology.

Published On
Feb 23, 2018
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