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Bringing Your Tech to Life is a local Information Technology Company that values honesty and integrity and is dedicated to helping the community with their technology issues. We offer quality comprehensive services at low cost with a turnaround time unlike no other. Our customers deserve the best and should never get the run around that is typically found in most big box stores. Furthermore, we desire to have a relationship with each one of our clients and create the trust that PC repair maintenance requires, year in and year out.
Located in the beautiful countryside of King, NC we provide service to Stokes, Forsyth, and Surry Counties, Bringing Your Tech to Life is a full-service computer repair company specializing in computer repair, iPhone repair, and data recovery - to name just a few. With over 10 years of experience, it's no wonder our customers choose us for computer/laptop repair.
Bringing Your Tech to Life has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our goal is to provide our customers, whether they are residential or small businesses, the help they need. Technology shouldn't be hard, but sometimes guidance is needed. But don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews with the BBB, Google, Face Book, Home Advisory, Angie's List, Thumbtack and more.
  • Cell Phone Repair
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Email Solutions
  • Hardware Installation
  • IT Support
  • Laptop Repair
  • Remote Support
  • Software Installation
  • Tablet Repair
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
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City King, NC
Zip Code 27021
Address 1260 Ralph Boyles Rd.
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Products and Services
Your laptop is important in your day to day life, and we get that. No matter what the brand may be we can source the required parts and get it repaired.

We offer a fast turnaround time; we boast flexible appointment times that will work with your schedule; we offer high quality repair solutions; and we are very experienced. In addition to all of these things, we offer great customer service. It is no wonder that locals choose to come to us for trusted assistance.
Whether you have an Apple Macbook, Acer, Asus, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, or anything else, we can assure you that we can fix any problems that arise.
Toshiba with a cracked screen? We can fix it. MacBook that overheats? We'll get it to "cool down. " Let us know what the issue is, or come in for hardware / software diagnostic check.
Your desktop is important in your day to day life, and we get that. No matter what the brand may be we can source the required parts and get it repaired.
We offer a fast turnaround time; we boast flexible appointment times that will work with your schedule; we offer high quality repair solutions; and we are very experienced. In addition to all of these things, we offer great customer service. It is no wonder that locals choose to come to us for trusted assistance. Whether you have an Apple iMac, Acer Aspire, Asus, Dell Inspiron, HP Pavilion, Lenovo ThinkCentre, or anything else, we can assure you that we can fix any problems that arise.
Dell with a bad Hard Drive? We can fix it. HP that overheats? We'll get it to "cool down. " Let us know what the issue is, or come in for hardware / software diagnostic check.
Tablets are everyone's favorite gadget. We love having all the features of a full computer in a perfectly portable size. But breaks and cracks still happen and that's where we come in.

At Bringing Your Tech to Life, we know everything about tablets and you can trust us with yours. We can fix cracks, part replacements, water damage, charge port repairs and dock connector repairs.
We understand what it feels like to break your favorite piece of tech and we want to put you at ease. With us, you're getting the highest quality repair at the lowest price around.
Whether you have an Apple iPad or iPad Mini, Acer Iconia, Asus Transformer, Dell Venue or Dell Latitude, HP Elitepad or HP Pro, Lenovo Tab or Lenovo Yoga, or anything else, we can assure you that we can fix any problems that arise.
Cracked Screen? We can fix it. Loose Charging Port? We'll solder it down or replace it. Let us know what the issue is, or come in for hardware / software diagnostic check.
Our Smart Phones are our lifeline to the outside world. When it drops from our hands we immediately freeze and watch it fall toward the sidewalk in slow motion. Once it hits the ground we rush to its aid. When breaks or other failures occur we're here to help.

At Bringing Your Tech to Life, we know everything about Smart Phones and you can trust us with yours. We can fix screen breakage, part replacements, water damage, charge port repairs and charge connector repairs.
We understand what it feels like to break your favorite piece of tech and we want to put you at ease. With us, you're getting the highest quality repair at the lowest price around.
Whether you have an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Note, Google Pixel, HTC, Motorola, LG or anything else, we can assure you that we can fix any problems that arise.
Cracked Screen? We can fix it. Loose Charging Port? We'll solder it down or replace it. Let us know what the issue is, or come in for hardware / software diagnostic check.
Whether you manage a business or simply have a lot of important personal information stored on your electronic device, protecting your critical data is essential. After all, computers, phones and tablets can crash without warning, and if you don't have a backup in place, you could end up with a lot of missing information on your hands. At Bringing Your Tech to Life in King, NC, we offer reliable data backup services for individuals and businesses alike.

Listen, no one plans on losing their data, but just about everyone does at one time or another if you wait long enough. Take preventative action! We can assist with local backups including External Hard Disk Drives or Network Access Systems. Even better, we've partnered with Carbonite to ensure that even if your entire home is sucked into the Bermuda Triangle your valuable information is stored on secure servers that follow even the strictest security measure, even HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) approved.
Hard Disk Drive crashes can come suddenly and without warning. You may turn on your computer one day and receive an "Operating System not Found", "Inaccessible Boot Disk", or similar error. Data Recovery Labs charge steep fees, typically starting at $1, 500 and upwards. In some cases physical drive damage requires these services. If this is the case we can act as your representative. However, in most cases these errors are often related to logical errors, where using sophisticated software analysis tools your valuable data can be saved! We can also recover accidental or maliciously deleted files. This also includes recovering files from CryptoWall variants and other types of Ransomware! Not sure what happened or when it happened? Just tell us everything you know and we'll give you our honest opinion as to whether the data can be recovered.
We take measures everyday to protect and care for our loved ones and possessions. Such as dressing our children appropriately for the weather or insuring our homes are locked and secured before leaving. However, few individuals are taking the same precautions to protect their digital well being. Below is a list of services that can be performed to enhance your online security and digital well being.

SECURITY SOFTWARE INSTALL A robust security suite is critical for protecting your devices and online digital wellbeing. Protection against viruses and malicious content is expected in any anti-virus software. However, many security suites include advanced features including: e-mail filtering, phishing protection, network firewall, PUPs protection, web browser plugins, VPN, Parental Controls, and third-party software updating. Let us help you choose the right security suite for you, your family or business needs. We are familiar with Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Comodo, ESET, F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Microsoft, Panda, Symantec Norton, Trend Micro, VIPRE and Webroot.
ONLINE ACCOUNT SECURITY ENHANCEMENT Many individuals overlook online account security until their account is compromised. We can assist with securing your account by checking what third parties have access to your data, ensuring contact information is current, enabling two factor authentication and more.
NETWORK SECURITY Having a Wi-Fi password on your network isn't the only step in checking for network security. Many Router Vendors and Internet Service Providers fail to protect router firmware with complex passwords. In fact, 83% of routers in use today have vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers, including login credentials as simple as "admin" & "password". A secured router will prevent unauthorized changes by hackers, isolated network access by using guest networks, configured firewalls that block access on common ports and more.
DATA PROTECTION & ENCRYPTION We all have important data stored on our devices. If your device ends up in the wrong hands can that same important data be used against you? Configuring storage drive encryption on supported products can protect your personal information. If you're utilizing offsite storage for data backup can anyone access it with a simple user name and password? If so, you need to secure your cloud storage solution with two factor authentication options.
E-MAIL FILTERING Everyone wants an e-mail address today. Unfortunately, we often don't want to read the information they send us. Did you know the average number of spam messages received per day is 18. 5 and the average time spent each day deleting them is 2. 8 minutes? Bringing Your Tech to Life can assist in e-mail filtering and spam protection.
DATA BREACHES Data breaches have run at a record pace in 2019. We can assist you with the steps required to protect yourself before they happen as well as the necessary steps to take after you've been affected.
VIRUS REMOVAL Viruses, trojans, keyloggers and malware can all severely harm your computer and even your personal data. It is important to keep your system clean of infections. However, when you do get infected, make sure you take your computer to someone you trust. We get the malicious software fully removed the first time and close the vulnerabilities that allowed the infection in the first place. Not sure if you are infected or not? Come in for a free diagnostic and one our technicians can thoroughly look over your computer and offer any recommendations to improve your digital security.
ADWARE REMOVAL / SPYWARE REMOVAL The presence of spyware and adware on computers and mobile device is more common than ever. Most spyware is installed as bundled software with other programs. This method is legal and usually involves you accepting the terms of use of the spyware without even knowing what you're installing. The end result is legal software installed on your computer doing whatever it wants with the information it gathers. Spyware is not always malicious, and some users might not mind. The main goal of most spyware is to gather your information and to sell that information, either as extra targeted advertisements to you, or lists of names, addresses, and phone numbers which are sold elsewhere.
VULNERABILITY SCANS Vulnerability assessments are performed by using software package to scan an IP address or range of IP addresses for known vulnerabilities. For example, the software has signatures for the Heartbleed bug or missing Apache web server patches and will alert if found. The software then produces a report that lists out found vulnerabilities and (depending on the software and options selected) will give an indication of the severity of the vulnerability and basic remediation steps. It's important to keep in mind that these scanners use a list of known vulnerabilities, meaning they are already known to the security community, hackers and the software vendors. There are vulnerabilities that are unknown to the public at large and these scanners will not find them.
TUTORIALS & TRAINING The best method to prevent exploits and malicious software is being an informed user. Sitting down with a professional and learning what to look is the best line of defense. No matter the level of defenses implemented on a device or network the end user is the biggest threat.
A home area network (HAN) or small office network (SOHO) is a type of computer network that facilitates communication among devices within the close vicinity. Devices capable of participating in this network include network printers, mobile phones, computers, media libraries, security cameras, thermostats, or televisions. These devices often gain enhanced emergent capabilities through their ability to interact. These additional capabilities can be used to increase the quality of life inside the home or office in a variety of ways, such as automation of repetitive tasks, increased personal productivity, enhanced home security, and easier access to entertainment.
Removing malicious files from Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.

Malicious Software and Security Threats come in a variety of forms, which are explained later on this page. You may be infected or compromised if any of the following symptoms exist.
Unexpected Ads and Pop-Ups while browsing the Internet or your Internet Browsers redirecting to Web Pages you didn't request can be a sign that you're infected with Adware. Unknown applications consuming excessive CPU or Memory resources causing your machine to be slow for no reason may be a sign that your machine has become part of a Botnet. Online Accounts are being accessed from someone other than you without your knowledge can be a sign that your machine is infected with a Key Logger or you have fallen victim to a Phishing Scam. Warnings appear on your screen that you cannot close requesting a ransom fee via Bit Coin or Store Gift Cards to decrypt your personal files is a sign of Ransomware or Scare-ware.
A Diagnostic Service is typically where most devices start at a repair shop. An experienced Technician should be able to listen to the problems a client is having and have a good idea what the problem is, usually after asking some follow up questions. Nevertheless, underlying issues can exist that an end user may believe to be irrelevant that could, down the road cause the repairs performed to be voided. This is why a thorough Diagnostic of both Hardware and Software is critical.

Bringing Your Tech to Life provides a full diagnostic service to our clients for a flat fee at our shop. That Diagnostic Fee is applied to the required repairs if performed. If the cost of repair is beyond what the value of the device would be, we'll tell you. Our goal is to give you the facts you need to make an informed financial decision.
E-mail has a long history associated with it, in fact email has existed since the 1960's. At first it was used to only communicate with other terminals within the same network and both users had to be logged on. When the Internet or World Wide Web came to be, it allowed individuals to communicate across the world using Mail Servers. In the days of AOL during the 1990's it was used by families to stay in touch. Fast Forward to the 21st Century and Email is used for almost everything. Including messages from your doctor with test results or appointment reminders, Online Retailers sending sales promotions or sending that photo to Grandma of your newborn child. Emailing to stay in touch with family and friends has been somewhat replaced by Social Media today but it has a vital role to play. That is once you get past all the issues of Spam, Email Spoofing and syncing your Emails between the multitude of devices we use today.
Everything has a password or security code these days! With so many to remember it's no wonder that people occasionally forget their Windows logon password or the password they set for their Outlook e-mail a year ago. Luckily these passwords are easy to recover or reset in most instances. Whether you're locked out of Windows, forgot the password to your Excel or Word document, or need to recover a starred password (disguised by *) stored in Internet Browser or some other program, chances are we can help you. We may also be able to recover passwords for other types of programs and files; ask us and we'll let you know.

Be mindful that proof of ownership is required for Operating System and Device Firmware passwords.
What is the cloud? Well its a file system available to any device connected to the Internet once necessary security credentials are provided and authorized. Whether the file system is managed by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon or even YOU. If you have files that you need to access from multiple devices we can assist you with choosing the right solutions that are compatible with all your devices. Do you want to insure your files are protected against catastrophic loss such as ransomware, fire, theft or natural disaster? Storing your files to an offsite location may be your best option. What if you don't trust "Company XYZ" to manage and protect your data? Well we can set you up with your own personal cloud, kept onsite in your location. If you do trust cloud storage solutions to manage your data but you want to make sure the service is as secure as possible with two factor authentication we can help with that too.
New information technology solutions emerge so fast that your small or mid-sized business can have a hard time keeping up. You understand that without the right IT infrastructure and services in place, you're missing out on key strategies to allow technology to help fuel the growth of your organization and allow you to serve those you work with. Like many of our customers, information technology is probably not your core business. Trying to solve all your IT challenges internally can become costly and distracting while other aspects of your business could suffer. Let us help your business to start winning at IT so you can get back to what matters most.
Preventative Maintenance is the best solution to prevent down time.

Our electronic devices are just like the cars we drive. They require maintenance as they are used. In fact, our computers are often used (and abused) more than our vehicles. Maintenance is important if you want your devices to last.
Our Tune Up & Maintenance Service includes:
Scanning for viruses and other threats Checking for proper Security Software integration Performing an Operating System Integrity check Reviewing System Event Viewer Logs Removing temporary internet files and other program clutter Installing Operating System Updates Updating Web Browsers and Browser Plugins Performing Disk Optimization Checking Internal Component Temperatures Checking for Thermal Events and Cleaning Internal Cooling Fans of dust & foreign debris
If there are issues found during the Tune Up & Maintenance, we will notify you and provide recommendations. We won't perform any additional services without your permission.
Getting Your Device Repaired in Your Home or Business Quick

In today's hyperconnected world, individuals and organizations are challenged in more ways than ever to stay ahead of the curve. Our Remote Access Service is designed to fit your unique needs without disrupting productivity or workflow. If you have a small issue with your Windows Computer we can remote in and make changes to Software or Device Settings without having to schedule an Onsite Repair or having to bring you device to our shop. Remote Access Service requires a high speed and stable Internet Connection.
Helping Your Choose the Software You Need to get your tasks done efficiently and quickly.

Want to use your computer, phone or tablet to accomplish a specific task but don't know what Software to use or maybe purchase? Let Bringing Your Tech to Life help answer questions, give advice and provide you the right tools to get the job done. We will install and configure the required software, register it with the developers and install any updates.
Software commonly requested include Anti-Virus Software, Office Productivity Suites, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools, Financial Software, E-mail Clients, and Multi-Media Applications.
A majority of clients who state their device won't turn on are having an issue with their Operating System and not their physical components of their device. Bringing Your Tech to Life can help sort out Operating System issues and stability. If your Operating System needs to be updated or reinstalled we can do that too.

What most people don't realize computers require an Operating System (hereafter referred to as "OS") . Some use Windows, MacOS or Chrome OS, others a distribution of Linux. What these four have in common is that they all run on desktop or laptop PCs, those things we traditionally refer to as computers. Times have changed though, and desktop PCs have lost their monopoly on the term "computer. " Your phone, your TV, your watch, your car: these days you will be hard-pressed to find something without a computer inside of it. The OS has an important role of translating information between the physical components of your device (hardware) and the programs/apps installed on your device (software)
Key People
Paul Isaacson
Bringing Your Tech to Life was founded in 2006 by Paul Isaacson with two simple goals:

First, provide great Computer Repair and IT Services to the folks of the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina

Secondly, go the extra mile to give our clients the absolute best customer service possible.
Reviews and Testimonials
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 12 reviews
  Testimonial by Tina Barr
I have been using Bringing Your Tech to Life for several years now and have never been disappointed with Paul's assessment or service. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything that he has found and done to make my computer better.
  Testimonial by Carroll Greene
Paul Isaacson at Bringing Your Tech to Life, did a wonderful job of cleaning out and tuning-up my laptop. Very professional and knowledgeable, Paul is GREAT to work with and communicates in a timely and very helpful fashion. The BEST I have worked with!
  Testimonial by Donald Argabright
Paul has helped me several times to remove things causing me problems
and set the programs up that make it easy for me to find what I need to get connected with the program I need to use.
  Testimonial by Reggie Greenleaf
I have always had great experiences with Paul. He has worked on my iMac for the past couple of years as well as resetting up my new Google Pixel 2 phone which the local Verizon store managed to goof up. I won't take my devices anywhere else as I know that he does try to do quick turnarounds as much as possible and I feel that his prices are reasonable and competitive! He takes the time to explain things which being an older woman really makes a difference. I highly recommend him!
  Testimonial by Katie Davidson
I can't say enough good things about Paul at Bringing Your Tech to Life. Not only did he get the data from our corrupted hard drive, but he spent tons of time talking to me and my husband about our options for data storage. He's knowledgeable, kind, and good at what he does! I'd recommend him to anyone!
  Testimonial by Sandy Tuttle
Paul has been working on my sisters computer and network for years now. She introduced me to his company, and I have been delighted with his performance. He is punctual, responsive, accurate, and insightful. He takes all the drudgery of "working on a computer/network" out of my hands and I love that! More time for me to do the things I want to. His pricing is in line, I feel, all this makes him easy to recommend for anyone needing computer services.
  Testimonial by Sarah Owens
Excellent service! He did a great job repairing our PC and explaining what happened and what he did to fix it. Very reasonably priced. We'll be using him again for our tech needs.
  Testimonial by Faye Felt
I have been a client of Paul Isaacson (Bringing Your Tech to Life) since 2013. I have found him to be honest, knowledgeable, trustworthy and prompt. He has trouble shot many problems I've had plus also cleaning up both my PC and laptop when the need arose. He's also given me good advise on the best way to solve some problems that required purchasing replacement components. Paul has installed a remote access program on both my computers and sometimes has been able to fix situations remotely saving a trip plus getting the job done faster. I believe his rates to be very reasonable and would highly recommend Paul for all your tech and computer requirements.
by Jared H.
Aug 20, 2020
They helped me fix my old PC prior to handing it off to my wife. He also guided me through the murky and often confusing process of buying a new business laptop. I love my new PC.
I recommend this business
by Shannon
Jul 15, 2020
He is responsive, reasonable, trustworthy, and feel safe with him being in my home. He is very efficient and his work lasts. He is my go to.
I recommend this business
  Best tech service around
by Larry Oakley
Nov 27, 2019
Courteous, friendly, reasonable, trusty.
I recommend this business
  Professional service!
by Kathleen Kissam
Jan 20, 2015
Not only professional but thorough, detail oriented and can fix anything! Paul is also an excellent teacher, he helped my daughter build her first computer! She learned so much from him.
I recommend this business
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