C2Tech Server Setup & Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

We want to fix, manage and implement solutions that fits your business. How can we streamline (consolidate) your technology to support your business while saving you money? We would love to find out Give us a call today!

We all keep very valuable information on our personal and business computers, so we need to make sure they run as smoothly as possible. This means making sure your computers are protected from viruses, backed up, and have the latest upgrades, among other things. Our computer services will take care of all of this and more, so you don't have to worry about it. So call today for the best computer services in Phoenix.

With over 25 years of Information Technology, Operations and business experience and with many certifications, we are prepared to support your computer services in Phoenix needs.
Contact Information
Phone Number (480) 788-4111
City Phoenix, AZ
Zip Code 85004
Address 40 North Central Avenue
Products and Services
We provide a low rate for software installs so they run properly and without flaws. We also ensure that no adware or additional software will be installed by mistake. Our trained experts are experienced and offer efficient software installs for all of our clients.

We can install or update all of your applications. We can also quote on a per job basis. If you have recently purchased a new computer or have an old computer that needs new software, please call us today!
We provide free quotes for all PC/Server installations and maintenance programs. No hidden costs!! With over 20 years of professional and technical experience we know what business and people like. If you have any questions or concerns please ask, as we work for you.

We can setup new operating system software on your computer, provide upgrades and even install multiple operating systems on one system. Dual monitor setup provides a very productive environment for any one so don't throw out or sell any old flat panel monitors.
A virus is basically a software application that spreads from one pc to another with the intention of causing unwanted operating system interferences and system corruption. A virus can corrupt and destroy data on your hard drive, spread to other computers via email and also remove all data on your hard drive which will result in total system failure. It is a fact that most computer viruses spread via email and can also infect your pc when you engage in instant messaging chats. We find it more efficient to backup your data first, do a complete wipe of your system, reinstall the applications and copy back your data. This ensures all viruses are removed.
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