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We can help you recover your data from anything but a disk crash where the disk or control circuit board is damaged, but wed rather you take an hour of your time so we can show you how to back up your data so that it never comes to that.

Its surprising to hear people say they don't understand cloud-computing, because we use it all the time. We just don't usually call it that. When you go on any webmail system and read your mail, thats cloud-computing: they gave you 2GB of storage space to store your mail, and any audio, video, documents, images or whatever it contains. In other words, they gave you 2GB of space in their cloud to use as your own.

Virtual networking has come so far its possible to open a virtual Windows machine on a server elsewhere, and just use the internet to send the mouse, keyboard and video back and forth so you can run a desktop that isn't even on your own machine.

You might think the title is an attempt at humor or irony, but in fact, its true. Remember back when the Soviet Union came undone? Well, when it did, all those spy shops the Soviets had doing cyber-work in Eastern Europe suddenly had a raft of world-class hackers who went to the highest bidder.
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Contact Person Jeremy M
Phone Number (720) 352-2113
City Vallejo, CA
Zip Code 94590
Address 188 Maurine Court
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Jeremy M
I spent 20 years in radio, as a music and program director. As Music Director, when the first PC's came out, the business staff was only too happy to spring for one for Programing to get us off the mainframe where the financials were stored. It was love at first sight. I couldn't get enough of it, learning all i could as fast as possible. By the time I left radio, I'd become the de facto techie for the station, so it was an easy segue into tech work. I consulted with them for years after that, and have been fixing and maintaining computers and small business networks ever since.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 1 review
  Very affordable and WONDERFUL service!
by Cyndi C. from Vallejo, CA
Feb 09, 2009
Jeremy spent 7 hours chasing down a virus on my home computer and I didn't have to take out a loan to pay him! The Geek squad would have charged me at least ten times the amount (I checked!).

He was friendly and helpful and explained things in language I can understand. (I am NOT a computer geek.)

If you need an affordable computer tech who is reliable, honest and smart, call Jeremy!
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