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Rated Good from 13 reviews
Onsite or Remote Support
We are Geeks On Repair. Your one stop pc repair shop on wheels! We are still growing to become the company you trust when it comes to onsite and online computer and IT repair. We are experts at online and onsite computer repair and computer support services.
We are also experts at home and office, business and residential TV and Home Theater installation services , as well as traditional business and residential computer repair services.
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • IT Support
Areas Served
Online computer repair
Business Details
  • Established in 2006 (15 years in the business)
Contact Information
Contact Person Geeksonrepair
Phone Number (800) 674-9418
City Bronx, NY
Zip Code 10458
Address 400 East 187 st,#11
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Rated Good (4.15 of 5) from 13 reviews
  Not real happy
by William
Aug 30, 2019
Asked for data to be copied from one computer to another, making sure all programs were put on new computer. Help getting new computer set up. I did leave a good review while repair tech was standing over me. However, a few days later, when I have time to check computer, I am not happy. He did not re-install programs on new computer, my data he copied over is useless, can't open it (data included extremely important documents). My new computer is basically useless now. He took two smoke breaks on my time, which I paid for. Spent two hours for, to me, absolutely nothing. I could have done what he done.
I don't recommend this business
  I know the truth about Geeks On Repair
by The EX Employee from Yuba City, CA
Dec 07, 2018
The truth is Geeks On Repair is a company owned by one of Geeks On Sites original employees from Geeks On Sites first and original office over 10 years ago. This employee left and eventually created his own company.
Geeks On Repairs greatest downfall has been placing too much trust in its technicians. Over the years technicians have not played fare with the company , and even after techs agreeing to not leaving their personal phone numbers with Geeks On Repair customers for future " side work " , they still have , and will even flat out steal hours and minutes from Geeks On Repair to pocket the money themselves. When they get caught , their reaction is to attack the company with slanderous and hurtful online posts, since the owner of Geeks On Repair will call the police on these bad techs , or he will post his own online reports about these bad techs after they have stolen.
NOTICE any bad reviews about Geeks On Repair over the past 10 years come from technicians ; and NOT from customers.
They pay techs same day work is complete
Owner wants you to wash clean and kiss everyone of his customers feet
  Terrible Company and Owner likes to Threaten Techs very Rude
by FK from Scranton
Nov 23, 2018
Worked on a request received from this company. went onsite and serviced their client. Called this company as soon as we were onsite. worked on the customer issue. found the issue and notified the client. placed call back to this company and nobody answered. client signed off on the order upon arrival and when we were leaving. Owner called in and threatened my tech that he is going to Post My Name (Not the techs name) online stating that we stole his customer. He stated this because he could not get in touch with his customer after we left the site. it is not our responsibility to make sure that he can get in touch with the customer. Do not do Business with this company. Does not answer phone calls or chats from their website.
I don't recommend this business
Zero Communication. Rude. Places Blame on Contractor for their own issues
  Terrible Company
by Terry Brown from Washington D.C.
Jul 17, 2018
The owner of the company admitted he didnot know how to do the work
So his employee decide to add on work.
I completed the work and they wouldnot pay me until I went back onsite
Guess what went back onsite and no payment the customer they said would be onsite was not onsite
I don't recommend this business
They dont pay thier techs
  HP Envy 23, Windows 10 corrupted
by Julie Robertson from Fresno
Jun 14, 2018
Geeks On Repair fixed my HP Envy Windows 10 the same day i called them, they are awesome, ask for their tech James, he is the best ever!
I recommend this business
Quick and easy to work with, they get the job done
  2 step proccess
by Jordy Wallace from Leesburg
May 01, 2018
Ive worked with other computer repair companies in the past, but Geeks On Repair is the only one i call now adays for anytime i have problem with my in home business computers. They have a 2 step process, where you first talk to one of their main techs on the phone, and then their onsite tech arrives at your place, and if and when the onsite tech gets to a point where he might not be sure how to resolve an issue, the main tech calls him while the manager calls me, to walk tech through any hurdles and the manager to ease my mind and let me know all is well and moving forward.
They will send a second tech onsite to offer support to first tech. When all was done, the manager called me to make sure i was satisfied, and i told him i was extremely satisfied with the service, he then let me in on the following:
"What you just witnessed is the reason our name is GEEKS ON REPAIR, because we work every single job as a team, not just one tech, we always tackle every problem as a team of Geeks,....hence our name,...Geeks On Repair.
I recommend this business
They fix all problems as a team of geeks, not just 1 geek
by Rachael Smith from San Antonio
May 28, 2016
This company is quick and easy to work with. Thank you Thomas for fixing my daughters computer!
I recommend this business
  Some fine service
by Linda Lygrisse from Red Cloud, NE
Feb 02, 2016
Michael was patient, knowledgeable, and competent this past weekend. I am elderly, have been a PC user till 2011, and live in the "boondocks", miles from any help for my iMac.

So wonderful--he spent a LONG day communicating with me and fixing issues. Thanks so much!
I recommend this business
  These guys are pros
by Philip Yaeger from Pembroke Pines, FL
Jan 13, 2016
Michael was very thorough and detected the root of the problem which was causing a 'not responding' message when using most programs. Turns out he detected that it was my anti-virus software was creating the problem. Much appreciated how accessible Michael was to discuss the problem. Michael explained what he was doing throughout the diagnosis and repair.

I would recommend your company to my associates and friends. Thank you for getting me back up and running.
I recommend this business
Fast, courteous, and thorough
None that I know of
  Review on first-time service
by James Fox from Reno, NV
Jan 12, 2016
Tech Robert came by yesterday to do some work on my computer and I found him exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. He was personalble (not geeky) and friendly and satisfied the needs of the computer at that time.
I recommend this business
  Top-notch Service
by F. May Le Roy from Bermuda Dunes, CA
Jan 08, 2016
The technician that helped me was very spot-on and was efficient! He was gentle and patient. That's important to me since I'm not super tech-savvy! I'm glad I called Geeksonrepair!
I recommend this business
Available online help
It was a little slower to troubleshoot than I had anticipated
  Great Service
by Jonathan from Springfield
Jan 08, 2016
Called Geeks On Repair when our computer kept freezing up and showing pop ups. They sent one of their techs onsite and then had onsite tech connect remotely with their in house tech to finish up the problem quickly. We were amazed at the efficiency and teamwork the onsite tech and remote tech used to get the job done. Geeks On Repair is A+ in my book.
I recommend this business
Great service
  Best services
by Peeru
Jan 05, 2016
Very quick services.
I recommend this business
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