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Who wants to spend money on something that isn't worth it? On the other hand, no one wants to throw away something thats worth keeping. Is your computer running poorly? Our comprehensive tune-up is one of our most popular services designed to get your computer back on track. Or perhaps its time to buy something new. How do you know which is the best choice? Thats where Insight comes in!

Our experts are ready to help you in all of your computer related decisions. People who know have Insight! -We work closely with you to understand your needs, helping you make the best decision for you! Our team of professionals know what it takes to provide you with the very best in comprehensive computer repair service. Our parent company, On- Site Computer Service Group Inc., has been serving large corporations and small businesses alike since 1998.
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Hardware Installation
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
Contact Information
Contact Person Paul Veltum
Phone Number (260) 489-8114
City Fort Wayne, IN
Zip Code 46825
Address 344 East Dupont Road
Professional Associations and Certifications
  • Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
Products and Services
Data recovery is one of our most highly valued services. First the data media is evaluated for its integrity. Then attempts are made to secure what data remains so it can be retrieved. Then begins the process of revealing which data is available for recovery. Once completed, we begin copying your relevant data to your choice of media. We can even copy to another PC or a new hard drive once its installed in your PC.
Our Virus Removal Service is our most popular service as we incorporate an extensive cleansing process with a system optimization (a.k.a. System Tune up) and system wide security update procedure to ensure these computers will perform at their very best. The service fee is a flat $129.00 and can take from 5 hours to a day and a half depending upon how badly infected the machine is. The good news is we often start on the service the same day the computer is delivered. Where most companies take a week to take one crack at it with a preprogrammed CD and then move to a system wide format and restore erasing all system files, we've refined our service to a surgical level process. This reduces cost and data loss while preserving the environment you've created so nothing is lost provided it's intact. This results in a much more favorable outcome than the alternative of reloading Windows.
Key People
Paul Veltum
Paul Veltum
Hello, my name is Paul Veltum. You have my personal guarantee that we are working hard to bring you the finest products and services available in computer repair and design. Having started the company back in 1998, at the prompting of my wife of 17 years, we found the perfect business model. Its to work hard, be fair, honest and exceed the expectations of the customer. Thirteen years later, were still going strong. I guess she was right! If theres anything you think we could be doing better, please let me know and thank you for your business!
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