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   Excellent from 12 reviews
PC Mobile Pro offers computer repair services to the Albuquerque, NM and Rio Rancho, NM area. Services include virus removal, data recovery, system backup, hardware upgrades and replacements, laptop screen replacement, home office and small business networking, remote login support, and mac support.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (505) 261-6377
City Rio Rancho, NM
Zip Code 87124
Address 106 Colorado Mountain Rd NE
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Products and Services
In todays busy online world, we are all in danger of being infected or hijacked by internet malware. We do not use free malware removal because it does not do the job completely. We've been removing viruses for over 11 years and have a safe, proven, and effective way to rid you of all malware. We use award winning software and include it to keep you safe in the future.
Whether you need simple software to be installed or you're looking to upgrade to a new operating system we're the pro's that can do it. Need to downgrade from windows 8 to 7? We can do that too without losing any functionality. Need to upgrade your hard drive or add memory? Replace power supply or motherboard? Did you recently spill liquid on your Mac? PC Mobile Pro has got you covered!
Reviews and Testimonials
   Excellent from 12 reviews
  Testimonial by Carey Patterson
I am a nursing student and need my laptop daily if not hourly, it wasn't charging and was dying all the time until it just stopped. I googled computer repairs and Josh was the second number i called. He was super professional, gave me what he thought it might be over the phone and a quick estimate best and worse case scenerio, and even offered to pick up my computer at my work.

After it was all said and done, it was just a battery, but he inspected, checked, and completed a thorough diagnostics on my life needing laptop. He contacted me throughout the whole process, was easy to talk to and super fast at response, even when i had a question when it was all done. He brought my computer back to me at my work and was just an excellent person to deal with.

I definitely will keep him in my speed dial for all computer problems and choosing my next computer to buy.. He was just awesome, and my next semester will go on un-computer- complicated! Thanks Josh!!!!!
  Testimonial by Sara Jayne Cole
My poor old Toshiba laptop would not let me open any .docx files. Josh picked up the computer and first saved all my files, including pictures before fixing the problem. I have recommended Josh to my friends.
  Testimonial by Sunny Nye
Josh Nelson's professional abilities and work ethics are five star. Josh works fast and delivers the results you want. He stands behind his work and prices within fair market value. Talented, reasonable, friendly and ethical...what more could one want! Thanks Josh.
  Testimonial by Chal Creese
Josh worked on 2 machines. I was not on a deadline, but the service was very prompt. I appreciate the work. My daughters machine was a virus infected mess and ran like a hippo in quicksand. Now, it really scoots along. He installed a new hard drive set (SSD and spinny drive) in another machine. And he came to me, to both pick up and drop off the machines. Nice.
  Testimonial by Rob Glover
Josh was very courteous and very interested in helping. I expected to be down a week or so but it was only a day. Josh ran into more than he expected when he arrived at my home and was vey courteous and stayed the course to fix my laptop! Did a great job-laptop works like new. Will never let anyone else touch my laptops. Also very reasonable price! AAAAA+++++
  Testimonial by Jim Brown
My Windows 7 desktop computer had been making a disconcerting buzzing noise for a couple weeks that occurred with increasing frequency. I could tell it was coming from the power source, and that I'd need help fixing it. Did a quick google search for "computer repair Rio Rancho" and one of the top results that included top customer reviews was PC Mobile Pro. Called and Josh came later that day to take a look before taking the tower unit back to his shop. Analysis there indicated not only did the power source need replacing, but also that the hard drive had potentially fatal problem sectors.

Josh installed a new hard drive and cloned the contents of my old drive to it. Said it took several tries because of the bad sectors, but ultimately was successful. He also did some cleanup and advised me to take other measures. My computer now runs faster -- and quieter. The price was right, and it beats getting a new computer and going through the major hassle of reinstalling all my programs -- if some of them would even work with Win 10.
  Testimonial by Ed Guedel
So, I found this guy, Josh w/ PC Mobile Pro, on craigslist (CL) so I was very skeptical. I've met some real characters over the years and needless to say developed a very cautious demeanor when meeting someone from CL. After some texting and a few calls I decided to meet with him and so very glad I did. My laptop was acting up and I'm far from a guru. We met by a coffee shop I explained what I was experiencing with the computer. Josh reassured me of the contents would be safe from prying eyes and he didn't need to browse my documents or other files in order to diagnose and repair my computer.

Josh called me about an hour and a half after we met to explain what was wrong and what it would take to fix it. I'm sure Best Buy would of done that too....yeah right. I'm extremely satisfied with the overall experience, PRICE and time to get my laptop running better than when it was new, really it is. Josh, you've restored my faith in meeting people from CL. I will remain vigilant, but open minded. For those looking for an honest computer GURU, Josh w/ PC Mobile Pro comes highly recommended.
  Testimonial by Linda Harger
Josh, was very prompt in picking my computer up and has it fixed and back to me quick. I have no complaints.
  Testimonial by Beth Hernandez
Thank you very much for helping with the computer issues today. You rock!! I really appreciate all that you did!! Great service, great price, great customer service!! Highly recommend to those in need of computer services!!
  Testimonial by Devon Loomis
I initially took my computer to Dr. Dan's because I had the black screen of death. It wouldn't respond to anything. After it was diagnosed with a bad motherboard, I was advised to buy a new computer. I called Josh and he came to pick up my desktop, along with my laptop (because of other issues). Guess what? I didn't need to replace my pc! Josh was very thorough and returned my computers with a short turnaround. I also initially tried troubleshooting my pc over the phone with a tech savvy friend with no luck. Josh was very nice and the guy knows his stuff.
  Testimonial by Peter Mottaz
We run a home based business and Josh has become our tech support. He is always responsive to our, always, last minute calls for help. We appreciated his ability to accurately diagnose the problems and offers a variety of options to fix them. We highly recommend PC Mobile Pro.
  He basically stole my money
by Maria Garcia-chavez from Albuquerque, NM on May 29, 2018
If you want to give him money for free hire him. He said he wanted to diagnosed the problem and get back with me, once he took my computer, he called me and told me my computer screen was the problem but I could use a different Monitor to use the computer in the meantime.

He then told me that he was going to charge me $65 for the diagnostic. Something that he failed to mention at the beginning of our transaction. I expressed him that I thought it was a very heavy price for just turning my computer on. I decided to pay him anyway, he return my computer. After I tried plugging it into a monitor, the computer will loop around into the HP logo. I called him about it, he told me he was busy and he was going to call me the same night. At 9:30 PM I text him and he said he was gonna call me at nine in the morning But he didn't call me again so I had to call him Then he was extremely rude When I expressed to him that he diagnosed it improperly. He started shouting at me saying he Wasn't going to be manipulated by me and that he was going to charge me more money if he was to look at it again.

I ended up taking the computer to another computer Fix business, they diagnose my computer for free, and they told me that the screen was not the issue was the matter board that was not functional. They tested the screen and it worked perfectly, they showed me. So he charged me for NOTHING plus was extreamly rude instead of trying to listen to my concern he was being so disrespectful. Don't waste your money and time please.
I don't recommend this business
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