Net-Net Tech Spyware Removal & PC Repair in Saint Louis, MO

Net-Net Tech, LLC is sensitive to the limited resources and budgets small business manages. It is economical to receive on- site and off- site technical support from Net-Net Tech, LLC. You are assured our service and technical support craft both a high-quality and economical solution. We are ready to assist you throughout the Saint Louis and St. Charles, MO region.

We research the feasibility and then establish sensible solutions. Creative solutions are maximized as an independent service technology provider. Independence maximizes your solution through our assessment of industry standards and not one-product vendor standards. We can determine over the phone if your network or computer requires on- site repair work.
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Hardware Installation
  • IT Support
  • Network Support & Administration
  • Software Installation
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
Contact Information
Phone Number (314) 563-0002
City Saint Louis, MO
Zip Code 63366
Address 1841 Highgrove Drive
Products and Services
Our services include a site survey of your premises and an optimized installation for you to receive the strongest signal possible. Our products boast superior performance levels and cost as low as 33% of other well known products costs. Three factors determine if your wireless network will reliably transmit data back-and-forth. First, is the location of the wireless device. For example, if you install your wireless router on top of a big screen TV chances are your signal will slowly crawl to the Internet.
Our computer and PC service includes preliminary diagnostics tech support over the phone, on-site service, and equipment repair or replacement. Our goal is improving your experience with our service. We want you comfortable with us as your primary service integrator. You will notice a difference between us and the other companies.
Intellectual property and other forms of data are subject to more forms of compromise now more than ever. Unfortunately, protection of your data is nothing software and/or hardware alone will prevent or fix. Computer, networks, and firewalls are just the beginning. How does a firewall prevent someone from placing a "post-it" on their monitor that has their network password written on it? Have you performed a security audit for your organization recently? Security audits are fundamentally very simple. Of course, if your organization is large with hundreds of workstations and a data center you can expect the audit to take more time. The protection of your data is proportional to the level of your care and not concern. Care is performing proactive analysis and concern is reactive. Reactive protection of your information is initiated due to an emergency. That is not security protection. In reality it is security malpractice. It requires your entire company to protect information.
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