On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. Louisville, KY

We provide a complete range of computer services that cover the main technology related business needs of commercial customers. We are a comprehensive IT Service Company that provides fast, professional service for your emergency and non-emergency IT needs.
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Blog www.computerrepairlouisvilleky.com
Phone Number (502) 963-3981
City Louisville, KY
Zip Code 40212
Address 2222 W. Jefferson
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Products and Services
We specialize in computer hardware and software repair and service for both residential and commercial customers: Hard drive replacement, virus removal, dc jack replacement, cool-down service, speed-up service, new computer set-up, computer upgrades, wireless connections and more.
Computer viruses might or might not be obvious. There are many different types of viruses which cause many different levels of dysfunction on your computer. A minor virus can exist on your computer and never cause much performance problem, at all. A major virus might shut down your machine completely with a blue screen or tell you that you need to purchase something, etc.
We do any type of laptop repair. No charge, black screen, blue screen, damaged USB ports, virus removal, software issues, we do it all.
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