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As an IT Managed Solution, Cloud Computing and Computer Repair Company, we offer a wide range of customized packages to fit any IT budget, including for a small business or residence. PCTS allows you to shift to a proactive approach with predictable budgets for a one-size-fits-all solution. Achieve best practices in-house while avoiding surprise costs.

Our mission is for our customers to gain a significant competitive advantage by utilizing our comprehensive IT services and best-in-class technology solutions. We are a local provider based out of Wallingford, Connecticut and are committed to providing other local businesses with the best possible IT solutions and computer repair.

Let us work with your company to not only increase the productivity of your staff, enhance the performance of your network, and lower interruptions, but to help you have the peace of mind that you will have a reliable and secure network that is running at peak performance at all times.
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • IT Support
  • Laptop Repair
  • Network Support & Administration
  • Tablet Repair
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Phone Number (203) 626-1344
City Wallingford, CT
Zip Code 06492
Address Wallingford , ct
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Products and Services
Keep your PC tuned up and in solid working condition with our computer repair services. If your system is behaving sluggishly, crashes too often, or recently experienced damage as the result of malware, give our location a call to schedule an appointment, or bring your computer in for diagnosis and repairs.
Disasters damaging data have caused businesses, particularly small and medium-sized companies, to close. To reduce your data's vulnerability to such threats, have PCS Tronics-Solutions develop a thorough and effective disaster recovery plan, one that prevents loss of emails, data, files, company records, orders, and other electronic documentation.
Why spend time sweating the small stuff when you could be expanding your business? PC Tronics-Solutions monitoring offers round-the-clock technical service. Our knowledgeable staff takes a proactive approach through our network operations center, and in the process, your business spends less money while obtaining more comprehensive IT services.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 2 reviews
  Computer repair
by Stacey from North Haven, CT
Feb 10, 2015
We have been effected with non stop malware and viruses. We have taken our pcs to geek squad and other providers several times only to be faced with the same issues. When we called PCTS they provided free diagnostics and offered a solution that has help us eliminate our malware and antivirus to allow our systems run more smoothly. On top of that they added 1 year help desk support issues in the event these issues arise again. You guys rock!
I recommend this business
  CLOUD services
by John from Wallingford
Feb 10, 2015
PCTS has helped us Upgrade our Office systems to all cloud desktops, cloud server, hosted exchange and VOIP. When we called them for their free IT assessment we didn't know what to expect. The one issue we had to overcome that has always impacted us with other providers were the unexpected billing with the instability of our systems and networks. With PCTS we Now have a 200 percent reliable system and a budget that we can work with that included 24/7 phone support, onsite support. Thank PCTS.
I recommend this business
Implemented an all cloud solution. Big money saver with a predict annual budget
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