Protechniq Networking & Remote Support in Beaverton, OR

PCs are at the core of Protechniqs business mission. We are committed to helping our customers get the kinds of practical value, convenience and enjoyment they are looking for from their home computer systems, while avoiding as much of the pain as possible.

PCs are complex and when things go wrong they can become beasts. Protechniqs experienced technicians are adept at quickly figuring out PC problems, and in many cases fixing them right on the spot.

In cases where hardware has broken down, we can determine your best options for getting the system back up and running, and provide replacement parts. In the process of troubleshooting, it can also be opportune to upgrade at the same time, to improve performance, storage capacity or functionality.

Hardware installations can be intimidating even for people who are computer-savvy. Whether you're adding a scanner, a bigger disk drive, more RAM, or any number of other hardware upgrades (or replacements), Protechniq can help in a number of ways. We can provide the best recommendations for achieving your goals, the best brands and most cost-effective sources from which to obtain parts.

Protechniq can also provide parts directly, and install them for you, while guaranteeing that things will work when its all put back together. With us, you'll always get plug and play rather than plug and pray!
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Network Support & Administration
  • New System Setup
  • Remote Support
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
Contact Information
Phone Number (503) 336-4509
City Beaverton, OR
Zip Code 97007
Address 4365 SW 179th Ave
Professional Associations and Certifications
  • CompTIA
Products and Services
Whether you're in Beaverton, Portland, Woodburn or even down in Wilsonville, we can maintain 24/7 coverage of your systems. If something goes wrong, well call your emergency number to alert you to the problem. If its something we can solve without being at the computer, we can remote into your systems (with your permission, of course) to fix the problem before it becomes a major issue. At the end of the month, well give you a detailed report of what has happened.
So many choices, so little time we can help you determine the best type of PC to fit your needs and budget, and provide the best sources for acquiring it. We can even procure or build the system for you if appropriate (as in the case of Custom/High-performance PCs and Servers). When the system is ready, we can install and configure the PC, and connect it to your network and/or Internet access.
Key People
Sarah Bass
Sarah Bass
Sarah is Martins wife and his right hand. She is almost as good with computers as she is with the furry creatures she takes care of at Hart Road Animal Hospital. Her first love is animals but since computers came into her life as part of Martins work she has learned how build her own PC and is currently learning the horrors of Microsoft Excel.
Martin Bass
Martin Bass
Chief Technician
Martin Bass is a Seasoned IT specialist, with over 30 years of hands-on experience in PCs, Windows (from 3.0 through 7 and all the flavors in-between), and even DOS. He has extensive applications experience, and an uncanny knowledge of computer hardware, peripherals, networks and internet working. He spent 10 years in the UK running a business selling computers to journalists as owner/ partner, so has developed infinite patience with users. Put simply – he is our Head Geek.
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