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Rated Excellent from 15 reviews
QUBEX Data Recovery
We provide best data recovery service for all kinds of media: hard drive, flash drive, DVD, CD, smart phone, Virtual platform iSCSI data image from VMWare (ESX, ESXi, vSphere), Hyper-V, Citrix XEN Server, Oracle Virtual Box, image files (iSCSI, VMDK, VHDX, WIM), RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, JBOD and HYBRID RAID array, floppy, tape, voice recorder, SAN, NAS, DVR, NVR and many other devices. Operating systems we recover data from are: MS Windows, Linux, Solaris, Citrix, Novell, BSD, VMWare ESX(ESXi), AIX, NetWare, VMS, HP-UX and variants.

We guarantee:
- Competitive pricing
- Free evaluation and estimates
- No data, no charge
- 100% confidentiality
- Free return shipping

Our engineers are capable of performing the following operations:
- RAID array Data Recovery
- SSD Data Recovery
- Virtual Server Data Recovery
- Head actuator exchanges
- Platters exchange
- Electronic board (PCB) repairs
- Stuck head or spindle services
- Physically damaged media data recovery
- Server Data Recovery services, maintenance
- Hard disk Firmware services
- Password locked hard disk or laptop unlock service
- System lock, unlock service
- Damaged or failed hard disk duplication service
- Data extraction service
- Laptop boot or BIOS password unlock services
- OS account password unlock services
- Laptop, TAPE, Flash drive and Floppy Data Recovery
- Certified Data Destruction

We have hundreds of donor drives readily available for faster turn around. We understand your urgency and will do our best to minimize your company down time providing you with great customer service at best pricing.

Our employees are US citizens and have passed an extensive background check to help maintain a high security level for Military and Government clients.
We are not re-sellers!All work is done at our location.
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • IT Support
  • Network Support & Administration
  • New System Setup
  • Server Installation & Configuration
Payment Options
Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Money Orders, Personal Checks
Business Details
  • Licensed
  • Established in 2010 (11 years in the business)
Contact Information
Phone Number (720) 319-7239
City Denver, CO
Zip Code 80014
Address 2821 S Parker Rd #285
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Reviews and Testimonials
Rated Excellent (4.93 of 5) from 15 reviews
  Testimonial by Carie Behounek Sherman
I spent hours on the internet trying to "fix" a corrupted flash drive with client data on it to no avail. Mike at Qubex was honest, fast, and best of all--he delivered. Every piece of data was recovered. I'm so thankful--and so is my client! Highly recommend!
  Testimonial by Dee Milton
When you read this many wonderful reviews, it can make you really wonder if they are true. I can attest that they are all true. I, too, am a real live person who just left Qubex as a very happy customer. Everything you read in reviews is what I experienced, --Max is wonderful, --he was personable, professional, timely and very good at his trade. He followed up with me by phone so that I knew what to expect and the timeline to expect. Price quoted was fair and it was the price paid, no surprises. Time promised was the actual time it was ready, --actually it was ready earlier! No need to ship to Seagate, without a doubt, this is the go to data recovery/ electronic repair shop in metro area. Thank you!
  Testimonial by Peter Harrington
The team at QUBEX Data Recovery Denver did an amazing job to recover all of my files from my Dell laptop. It had completely died and I wasn't able to recover ~10,000 photos and videos of my kids. Thanks to Max, we got all of them back. Thank you, thank you!!!
  Testimonial by Carolyn Wiseman
After boxing up my external drive and addressing it to a big company for repair, I happened upon Qubex and some great reviews. I ripped off the label and sent it to Qubex instead. I am so thankful to find these guys! I had dropped my external drive (which is about the worst thing you can do), and none of our computers could recognize it. I thought it was backed up one the cloud, but when I checked, it had failed! Mike at Qubex was so good to keep in touch with me about the whole process. They were able to recover almost 100% of my data. I was thrilled to get back 145,000 photos and hundreds of documents and videos. They charged exactly what they quoted and I got a 10% discount for paying cash. I would recommend Qubex to anyone needing data recovery! My husband told Mike (from Qubex) on the phone..."Thanks, Mike! Happy wife, happy life!"
  Testimonial by Lori Donovan
I highly recommend tthis company! Max was very helpful. My daughter had a flash drive that was broken and it had a years worth of work on it. She is a teacher and it had lesson plans, slides and everything on it. He was able to recover all of it and in just a few hours. Rates were reasonable. I will take all my computer problems to him from here on out!
  Testimonial by Louis DePaemelaere
Max and Mike did an outstanding job of recovering data from a damaged 6 TB hard drive. The drive was dropped off just prior to Thanksgiving and I went with the 7-21 day option for recovery. They had the results from the recovery process available right at the 3 week time period. Their data recovery was able to save almost 100% of the data from the drive. I only lost maybe 25 photos, and those were all edits with the originals still in tact as part of the recovery process. Max was very professional when I dealt with him in person and Mike did a wonderful job of responding to emails in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Qubex in the future for anyone who is having problems with a computer hard drive.
  Testimonial by Andrew Michael Behrens
Highly recommend Qubex. I had a hybrid drive completely fail on me. I had mistakenly not backed up my data, which included family photos and very important work documents. After looking into quite a few other large companies, I found Qubex. I was amazed at how many great reviews they had and decided to take a chance. I did not regret it! Max recovered all of my data for a reasonable price. I paid exactly what was quoted, and it was worth every penny. Constant updates, great customer service, and a reminder that local companies are the way to go vs. large corporations any day of the week. Thanks again!! Will be a repeat customer if the need arises.
  Testimonial by Tanya Valis
Our Promise NAS backup has served us well until yesterday, when it has failed. No one would be able to connect to it and we store all our documents and financials on it. Its the end of the year and we needed all documents for tax purposes so we called around to find good, local, professional data recovery company that would help us recovering everything ASAP. Mike was professional and has described recovery process in great details and offered free evaluation with no strings attached, so we decided to give it a try. Data was recovered within promised time frame with competitive pricing, if compared against competition.
We are very pleased with results and professionalism of service. They also offered to upgrade my laptop to a new solid state drive and transfer data, which was done within 1 day. Very impressed. While i am hoping i will not need data recovery services anymore, i will definitely use this company for all my computer needs. Will pass the good word. Thank you very much!
  Testimonial by Jenn Garber
QUBEX recovered all of our lost data after our computer decided to self-destruct! They were also the only place I called that explained the two different types of recovery (physical vs. logical) and what those would mean. The data was recovered quickly, and things were explained to me in detail during every step of the process. I would highly recommend them for data recovery needs!
  Testimonial by Britney Vachon-LaGuardia
If I could rate more stars I definitely would! My computer crashed last night, the day before my third quarter of an accelerated grad program at DU. I know some basics about computers and I tried everything, ultimately giving up due to a crashed hard drive. After burying myself in bed and crying over my lost capstone, internship notes, essays, research, scholarship applications, resumes, and work projects, I decided to look up local data recovery places.

Thank God I found Qubex!!!! Took my laptop in first thing in the morning- hoping for the best. I was told a FREE diagnostic would take a couple of hours and we could go from there. I found out my hard drive was fried but (I never got his name so we will call him Max cause that's what the other reviews say!) Max said he could retrieved ALL of my files and have my computer up and running- BY THE END OF THE DAY. He was there well after closing, just to help me out before classes start tomorrow!!! What an excellent human being!!!! Hanging out and waiting for your repair is like talking with a buddy.

We worked out a price I could afford. Very flexible when it comes to payment. He really does just want to help you out and make customers happy. Data recovery isn't cheap and it's hard work so don't expect a miracle. But expect a fair and reasonable price for him salvaging your livelihood.

My laptop is top notch now and I am less stressed going into the new quarter. He even advised me on which kind of hard drive I should use, what the pros and cons were, etc. so I could make an informed decision based on more than just price. I cannot emphasize enough how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING this guy is. He is kind, caring, and will teach you a few things about computers while you wait. Hands down THE BEST customer service experience I have ever had in ANY setting!
  Testimonial by Andrea Leigh Russo
Thank you Qubex and specifically Mike for his prompt and successful service! I had 13 DVDs that would not shows photos or video and he recovered ALL OF THE PICS in less than one day! These photos and video are very important "once in a lifetime photos" from when I lived and traveled in Central and South America and of my parent's 25th anniversary and I hadn't been able to access the pictures for close to 7 years! I will definitely recommend Qubex to all my friends and family!
  Strongly recommend
by Anindya B.
Aug 13, 2021
One of my iphones was water damaged pretty badly while we were vacationing. However, I came back home and looked Max up from internet search. He met with me and I explained that the data in the phone is very important for us and he accepted the work and also gave me an up front estimate of how long it might take and how much it might cost. Within a few weeks he successfully recovered all data from that phone and yesterday we met at his office and he handed me the phone along with two backup USB sticks ( one with photos and videos and another with a full backup of the phone). Throughout the engagement he kept in touch with me and gave me updates of the progress he was making! We are so glad that he could recover precious memories and important data for us. If you have a water damaged iphone and want to recover your data I strongly recommend Max's service.
I recommend this business
  Great service
by Joey Tomey from Portland
Mar 29, 2018
Fast and family customer service that and work that exceeded my expectations.
I recommend this business
by Kay from miami
Jul 05, 2017
I found the product to be easy to use
I recommend this business
  Saved my whole project!
by Cloey from Rochester, MN
Mar 04, 2016
Max is absolutely amazing. I dropped my hard drive this summer after shooting a documentary, and I thought I would lose everything I shot. Max poured his heart and soul into recovering my files. My hard drive was extremely damaged, and most places would have given up after a month. Max worked painstakingly for 5 months even thought he thought he wouldn't be able to retrieve anything.

He put in so much time that he discovered a new method for recovering data. Over 90% of my data was recovered and I was not charged an additional fee for all of his extra time. I live in Minnesota now so it is not convenient to use Qubex, but if I ever have another issue I will ship my hard drive to Colorado because Max is the only person I trust to pull through no matter what.
I recommend this business
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