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Amazon fire that was factory reset. Device had on it audio files, pictures, as well as graphic and document. Available data recovery programs were able to recover audio and pictures, but minimal documents, and no graphics.
Lakewood, NJ
Data Backup & Recovery
I have a Microsoft Surface 4 with a shattered screen How much would it cost to repair?
Berwyn, IL
Laptop Repair
How much will it cost me to repair
Richmond, CA
Computer Repair & Maintenance
Changed battery on computer and when plugging in the charger no lights were present, but a hint of electrical burn was smelt. Changed back over to the old battery and the laptop is still none responsive. Looking for someone to diagnose the issue, which is likley on the motherboard and repair. Laptop
Arlington, WA
Computer Repair & Maintenance
The frame on my Acer laptop is pulling away from the screen. Need repair as soon as possible.
Gaithersburg, MD
Laptop Repair
Water spilled on HP Notebook - 17-y031nr. Got into a couple of rows before power shut off and it was turned upside down and dried with a towel. Set fan on the keyboard for a few hours. Some key are not working. Need to check and see if worth fixing it and if so what the approximate cost might be. Please
Clarksburg, MD
Laptop Repair
I have a 2 in 1 touch screen hp laptop. I need the screen fixed. Which is cracked and broken.
Baltimore, MD
Laptop Repair
While closing lid the right hinge snapped and broke.
Calexico, CA
Laptop Repair, Virus & Spyware Removal
The plug doesn't hold in place
West Orange, NJ
Tablet Repair
I have a 2009 HP G61-429WM laptop. I haven't been able 2 turn it on at all n 9 days. The white light comes on when the AC adapter is plugged up, but it's a little dim. When I press the power button, the battery light flashes, but the other 2 indicator lights don't. I'm looking 4 a computer tech 2 give
Memphis, TN
IT Support, Operating System Support, Laptop Repair, Remote Support, Hardware Installation, Software Installation
Put new HP ink in the printer and it printed streaky lines. Tried several troubleshooting methods (resetting, cleaning print head, etc) and no luck. After a few prints the printer claimed ink was already empty and now only prints in black and white.
San Jose, CA
Printer Repair
Seagate External hard drive stopped working. Gives a humming sound when connected to laptop, screeches a bit after few seconds, light flashes on the drive, then sound stops. But, the drive is not visible in the windows explorer/laptop.
Rancho Cordova, CA
Data Backup & Recovery
Tried to do a factory reset of my Acer laptop, in order to do so I had to free up 3MB. In the process, found more malware- Trusted Installer. Found a way to bypass it and delete more files. Pretty sure I deleted some system/operational files because when I knew there was enough room for the reset, i
Escondido, CA
IT Support, Laptop Repair
New computer not connecting to monitor
Fullerton, CA
Computer Repair & Maintenance
Were you plug charger in is broken it could still charge but piece is off might short out
Apple Valley, CA
Laptop Repair
Replaced a crashed mech HD on my HP-15-bs033cl notebook withg a SSD. Need the ssd formatted, and Windows 10 OS installed. Also any recoverable files from my old HDrive -and Win 10OS ? - put on the new drive.
Montgomery Village, MD
Data Backup & Recovery, New System Setup
The left hinge on my computer is being worn down and coming off. The computers screen is also popping off. I have an HP pavilion x360. Part of the screen is also cracked but it's in a corner and has been like this a while so not concerned about it. Just concerned about hinge and screen popping off If
Minnetonka, MN
Laptop Repair
Computer don't turn on, even when it is on charger
Berkeley, CA
Laptop Repair
Problem with WiFi. Slow possible viruses
Temple, TX
Computer Repair & Maintenance
I need to connect internet in one computer
Chino Hills, CA
Hardware Installation
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