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Rated Good from 3 reviews
We offer fast and affordable PC Repair. There is no diagnostic fee for our services, and out PC repair always comes with FREE pickup and delivery anywhere in Johnson County, KS.

We go through our 12 point computer service to clean and tune up your PC. When finished with this pc repair, your computer will be running as good or better than new. A computer repair and expert computer support can get a few more years from that PC or laptop. Let us give it a tune-up or a PC repair.

Wireless router configuration and wireless printer setup are not as easy as is advertised. If you are having network problems or just want to improve your wireless security, Rescue My Gadget can come to your home and do it for you.

Our survey found that over 75% of all wireless networks could be easily hacked within one minute by just about anyone with intermediate computer knowledge. Remember, those were only the networks that could be detected from the road outside the home.
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Laptop Repair
  • Network Support & Administration
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
Contact Information
Phone Number (913) 825-6830
City Overland Park, KS
Zip Code 66213
Address 12825 Melrose
Rated Good (3.67 of 5) from 3 reviews
  What a nightmare!
by Unknown from Kansas
Aug 25, 2015
I found Rescue My Gadget in the local classifieds and online. From what I had researched, they seemed to have been a decent place to see about getting an external harddrive fixed. Well, let me tell you, it has been a nightmare.

It started when I emailed them to find out what it would cost to get it looked at and to tell me whether or not they thought they could fix the drive. Tom seemed to have been a very nice gentleman at the beginning. He contacted me back and forth once they received the drive (they even picked it up free of charge which was nice) to keep me informed and what he thought would be wrong with the drive. We discussed the options and pricing and I had told him I would like to know what the pricing was BEFORE the drive was sent in to be repaired (if it could be). Unfortunately, due to the lack of communication there, he went ahead and sent the drive into be checked out further BEFORE he contacted me back to tell me what it was going to cost me because I told him if it was going to cost a lot that I wasn't even going to deal with it. So a week or so went by before he contacted me back and said that he would go ahead and have the drive sent back to me (whew, i didn't want to pay $900.00 to have the drive fixed, if it could be).

He sent the drive back to me and I received it a couple of days later. Up to this point, Tom and Alex were great and very nice with the situation. After I received the drive, there was no case with it. The drive was exposed and they hadn't sent me the drive in the case. It was never ever told to me that I wouldn't receive the drive back the way I sent it in. All that was discussed is that they would have to remove the drive to see what was wrong, but nothing about that I wouldn't receive the drive in the casing.

After contacting Alex, who sent the drive back to me asking where the case for the drive was, he apologized about the miscommunication there and would get with Tom to see what happened. Well, once I didn't receive any communication for a bit, I get a text message from Tom telling me to contact him with any concerns I was having, which I did. First off, he could have introduced himself instead of saying, "Please direct your correspondence to me. How Can I help you?" I had no idea who this person was texting me. Let me just tell you guys, I wish I hadn't gone through with this, because now, I have an exposed drive (Dead, but this isn't the point) and just a tad bit furious about that.

Alex had told me if I couldn't get the casing back for the Harddrive that they would purchase me a new drive because at this point I couldn't send it into Seagate (who told me even if i got it checked out, that i would still be able to get a warranty claim if i wasn't able to get anything recovered). Warranty or no warranty, I just wanted my product back the way i sent it in. So Tom tried calling me while I was at work, and I explained to him that I am unable to take calls due to the job I am in while in college. His response was. "If you won't speak to me, I consider this matter closed." Well, i responded back with I am at work. So after a few more messages, I had to get up away from work (i work in a call center, so it's hard to get away when you're the only one there). So He responds back with, "You'll get nothing, It's closed."

Right before that, I had finally gotten up to call him back and talk with him. He preceded to say terrible things to me over the phone, and to the point that he was cursing at me, told me to shut up, and that he will not listen to my mouth anymore. This is a done deal, and you get nothing."

So, in closing for this review, if you want decent customer service, a person who actually cares about his customers, and can control his temper while having a difficult conversation with someone who was his customer, don't go with Rescue My Gadget. Although they have free pick up, free diagnostics, etc. It isn't worth it. I now have an exposed drive that I could have sent back into Seagate for a claim like they told me I could have. Look elsewhere.
I don't recommend this business
  Great Service!!!
by Timjdarden
Nov 15, 2011
Tom came all the way out to my place and checked out my laptop. It turns out my laptop had a minor issue and did not need his expertise fixing the issue. I appreciate Tom going the extra mile and helping me out! If I could give 6 stars I would!
I recommend this business
  Good Work Guys
by Brotherq
Dec 31, 2008
I was in overland park on business and my laptop crashed. I went by a national company close by only to have them tell me that it needed to go to their main office in OK because the problem was hardware related.

I called Rescue My Gadget because I needed the data on my laptop to do payroll the following morning. They disagreed with the diagnosis the other company gave and said they could work fast, so I brought it by.

Not only did I retrieve my data, but they had my laptop fixed by 7 am the next morning.

Thanks Guys.
I recommend this business
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