Solotech Emergency repairs & network in Portland, OR

Our company is a partnership, registered in accordance with Oregon State Law. The Partners consist of Ron Loos (General Partner) and Margah Loos. Greg Nishikawa developes software applications. Jed Rabe Repairs, maintains and builds computers.

We are a small company too, so we know what it means to have a tight budget. By working with you and your current computer system, we can help you make sound technology procurement decisions. We are not in the business of selling any particular manufacturers' products, so we are free to find you the best solution at the best price.

In today's technology market, small businesses are being sold products that frequently do not work as advertised, may provide too much functionality and/or cost too much. By apprising ourselves of the latest computing technology, we can help translate today's technology for you. Defining, designing, testing, and integrating a low cost, comprehensive solution for your business needs is our top priority.
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
Contact Information
Phone Number (503) 659-1909
City Portland, OR
Zip Code 97222
Address 6306 SE Cedarcrest Dr
Professional Associations and Certifications
  • Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce
Products and Services
Applications and Operating systems often come to the customer with minor imperfections. The producers of these software products will discover their errors, fix the offending code, and release patches, service packs, upgrades, or hot fixes. Keeping your software up to date can be complicated and confusing, but the rewards can range from greater reliability to extended functionality.

Updates to existing software are only part of maintaining the health of your computer systems. There are many things that can be done on a periodic basis to improve the reliability and productivity of your computer systems. We can help you solve these problems in a cost-effective way.

The overwhelming majority of parts in your computer are heat sensitive, becoming damaged over time by the heat they produce and the heat of their surrounding components. It is imperative to the longevity of your machines to periodically inspect and clean the internals of your computer systems. We can take care of this for you on an ongoing basis, ensuring longer life for your computer systems.

You and your employees work hard collecting information about your customers, suppliers, and internal projects. This data represents an enormous investment of company time and dollars. If you lose this data, your valuable time, money, and business relationships may be lost as well. We can help you minimize the risk of losing your data through comprehensive planning, implementation of those plans, or introducing you to services which greatly reduce the risk of data losses.
Do you want that new application that will solve a specific problem in your business or home? Are you waiting because you remember how much time and effort it took to learn the last application you installed? Are you afraid that after all that effort the application may not in fact help you solve your problems?

Your fears may not be unfounded. If the application you install causes problems for you or your staff, that will translate into lost time, frustration, and ultimately, a significant loss of money. If you want to reduce the risk of purchasing, installing, and training on a new application for your business that may ultimately prove detrimental to your organization. We will help you develop and implement a plan to procure, test and install the application(s) that will meet your business needs.

Due to changes in your computing needs or degraded performance of your current system(s), upgrading your OS may be a desirable or necessary action. Proper system maintenance may also extend the life of your current OS.
Key People
Ron Loos
Ron has 10 years of experience as an Electronics Technician, 9 years of experience as a Computer Programmer and IT professional (PC). Integrity, persistence, and a strong desire to help people struggling with technology are his strongest assets.
Margah Loos
Margah has 9 years of experience as a Computer Programmer, 6 years of experience as an IT Professional (PC)(3yrs MAC). Honesty, thoroughness, and being a fast learner are her strongest assets.
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