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TechSmith was founded over a decade ago with the mission to provide expert, friendly computer repair services and fair prices and no hassle! We've heard too many stories from customer trying to grapple with their computer issues and seeking help from the big brands and just leaving unresolved and ripped off. This saddens us and we aim to make your computer experiences pleasant and the times you have to deal with us effortless and momentary.
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Email Solutions
  • Hardware Installation
  • Laptop Repair
  • Mac Repair
  • New System Setup
  • Remote Support
  • Software Installation
  • Tablet Repair
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
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Memphis, TN
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E-mail Address
Phone Number (901) 310-3896
City Memphis, TN
Zip Code 38002
Address 9160 Hwy 64 Ste 12-118
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  • Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
Products and Services
Got a computer problem? We've got you covered. Let our team of computer experts work for you. Each member of our team is a trained professional, having years of technical experience behind them, so leave your computer repair worries and woes behind you! Whether you've got questions about glitches, or you're dealing with a nasty virus, in need of screen repair, or you just need some general assistance, come pay us a visit. We're conveniently located nearby Memphis, TN, and we're waiting to help you!
Technology's a great thing, isn't it? Every day, it makes our lives simpler than we ever thought they could be. There's a dark side to that, though: every day, more and more threats are being developed to compromise both your personal security and that of your computer. Our company values your safety above everything else, and we're determined to taking the proper precautions to keep you and your system safe at all times. Sure, there's hundreds upon hundreds of resources out there in the vastness of cyberspaces, but will they all work? Are they all trustworthy?
The answer is no.
Instead of shelling out a fortune, pay us a visit. Our trained technicians understand your desire to keep yourself protected, and we respect it. We won't play games; we won't give you the runaround. We'll let you know what you need, and we'll give it to you. Sure, programs can help keep you safe, but they aren't human. We are. We'll cast a careful eye to your system and let you know what may be lurking just underneath the surface, where we can pounce before any coded program can find it.
Dog eat your homework? Or maybe it was just the computer this time. Technology's convenient, but sometimes, it glitches on us in horrible ways, and that important project we're working on? There one second, gone the next. It happens! While we do recommend backing up your data on as many different media as possible, we're all human. We understand that accidents happen. If you're missing an important file or a few, or even more than that, stop in and see us for our data recovery services. Our team of experts has decades of experience behind them, allowing them to efficiently find the true root of the problem and solve it and get your data back to you with no fuss, no hassle. Breathe easy. Your files are safe with us. ?
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