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Computer Repair includes a multitude of disciplines. They include: hardware diagnostics, hardware replacement, virus removals, operating system installs, software troubleshooting, and much more. We're well versed in all PC hardware, including laptops. We're very capable and pride ourselves in providing the service you need. Many of our business clients even refer us to their parents because we'll explain things in an easy to understand manor and take the computer fear away.

Laptops are compact and convenient. A lot of companies out there charge big bucks for fixing laptops; we're still just charging our flat rate labor charge of $89 plus parts if needed. When it comes to laptop repair, you want to make sure you're working with somebody that has experience. There are about 50 screws to take apart a laptop, and we know where they came from and how they go back.
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Laptop Repair
  • Operating System Support
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
Contact Information
Phone Number (559) 323-7879
City Clovis, CA
Zip Code 93612
Address 75 Bullard Ave
Products and Services
It seems to be the case that the laptops we all use are not as portable as we would like. They almost always have a cord attached. The DC Jack is very susceptible to breaking due to the laptop being dropped on the cord or pulling on the cord. We are experienced in DC Jack Replacement. If you already have a loose connection, please do not wait to bring it in. This situation can often rip out the soldier eyes from the motherboard of you laptop and make your notebook a brick. This service is only $100 and it includes the DC Jack.
Viruses can do great harm to your computer and amount for approximately 70% of the computer issues we get in our shop. We can perform virus removals 2 different ways. The preferred option is to do a Wipe & Reload with a data backup. With this option we take all the files on your computer and place them in a backup folder. Then we reinstall your Windows operating system. With this option you will need to reinstall any software you have. We're happy to assist you with this if you need us to. The best benefit of this approach is it guarantees that the viruses you had are not in your operating system.
Key People
My name is Mike, and during the normal 8-5 workday, I am the information technology director for a major employer in Bonners Ferry. After my day job is finished, I provide evening and weekend network and computer support for many business and residential clients. Through many years of hands-on experience, I have become a specialist in computer building, repair, maintenance and network management. My work history, combined with a strong reliance from referrals, or "word-of-mouth" for new business has built a substantial following. If you are searching for a reliable computer repair resource, please give me a call to discuss your needs. References available upon request.
Reviews and Testimonials
Rated Good (3.67 of 5) from 9 reviews
  Testimonial by Eddie Jordan
Over a year ago I met with the guys at TekPro PC. I was extremely impressed with their level of professionalism from initial contact.My computer has worked wonderfully, without any complications of any kind. I am truly thankful to the guys at TekPro PC and I would highly recommend their service. Excellent, bar none!
  Testimonial by Gary
We are the only place I will take my computer from now on. Not only did they get my computer back to me, working and fast. They did it for 89 bucks.
  Testimonial by Brian O.
Professional Repairs at a great price! This shop provides quality and professional repairs at a great price. Fixed all of my issues in only one day! I highly recommend there services. Dr. B.O.
  Testimonial by Dulcie W.
I have had TekPro PC work on three of my computers.It is such a relief to have a company I can trust to take care of problems and not give me the run around. They are the good guys of computer repair. Thanks TekPro. I appreciate all your help.
  Laptop repair
by Jeff Millar from Fresno, CA
Jan 01, 2017
I was having some serious issues with my Toshiba S75, and had observed TekPro during visits to the post office. I took my laptop in and they trouble shot it directly in front of me. I being mostly computer illiterate found this very interesting, as they explained the different parts and possible problems.

The problem was not one that could be fixed during my short visit, so Warren and Miguel set me up with a loaner with my hard drive in it, that is great customer service !
They stayed in touch with me explaining the problem and to get my approval for repairs. They called later in the week and advised me my laptop was ready. They reinstalled my hard drive , ran through several tests and off I went. The laptop works
much better than when it was new, plus a got a excellent tutorial from Warren while they were testing the unit.
I would recommend TekPro to all people who need assistance with their computers. It is comforting to find a shop with high quality employees, and a hands on expert owner, as it can give us older folks great comfort.

I read all the reviews for this business, and we as older citizens have been screwed over many times in our lives, and what I found out by my experience with TekPro is, you can't make all the people happy all the time... I'm very happy, and satisfied ! Thank you Warren, Jeff Millar.
I recommend this business
Close to home and reliable.
  MAC users stay away from this business
by Dottie J from Clovis
Apr 01, 2016
I wish i read these reviews before dropping off my daughter's macbook air. My husband met the owner of this shop and he felt confident in the owner's claim that he could repair a cracked LCD screen. He reported that it was a quick and simple fix and that he had the "special tool" that this repair required. I was hesitant because I hv had an IPhone damaged by taking it to a non apple repair store. But I let my husband talk me into it. We dropped it off last Saturday and was told it would be ready in an hour. With no phone calls/texts to update us on the status, I had my husband calling him constantly with 1 excuse after another as to why the unit was working. He even offered to have us take back the laptop with a fixed screen, but an inoperable camera. I was livid, and at this point lost all respect and faith in this business owner because he was willing to give me back MY laptop that had everything working with just a cracked screen, to one with a damaged camera. Who does this? It is now a week later, again with no status updates and no offer to just give me my darn(want to use stronger word) computer back the way I gave it to you, with just the cracked screen. But he has been swapping out screens etc, that I believe my laptop is now internally damaged. I would have had more respect for this business if the owner, had told me "sorry but I can't fix your unit". How can you have a service business and not keep in CONSTANT contact with your customers. MAC USERS STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS. IF YOU MUST, JUST SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY THAT APPLE CHARGES YOU. You will at least have peace of mind. There is a business in Southern California that they specialize in cracked MacBooks. We have been told that we should have our laptop by this weekend. I am not so sure that this will happen. I personally think that he holds on to these computers because he damages them and instead of reimbursing you, he keeps the computer until the owner forgets or takes it back in substandard condition. At least when I had my iPhone damaged by that shop I mentioned earlier, they admitted right away that they damaged the phone and gave me money back to reimburse me for the damage(because the phone was working, it just had a cracked screen), so I could then buy another phone.
Don't believe anything from this business. You get what you pay for. CHEAP PRICES=SUBSTANDARD SERVICE.
I don't recommend this business
Fails to deliver on his promises
  Horrible Customer Service and Horrible Work!
by Riannon from Fresno
Jan 01, 2015
Unless you like being lied to or left in the dark, don't ever go here!
The screen on my laptop broke, so we stopped by this store on wednesday 12/10/2014 to see how much it would cost. Warren quoted us $150 and said it would be done the next day. Sounded like a good deal, so we decided to go for it. The next day after we called them to see if they were done, he informed us that the screen was different then he originally thought and he had to order the part, but it would be here by the next day and the screen would be fixed and ready to go the next day. So of course the next day comes and he says oh he has been too busy to even look at my computer so it wont be done until the next day. Well, we were going on vacation so we figured we would give him until Monday, 12/15/2014 to fix it (4 days after it was promised).

We got home on monday and I was excited to finally get my business laptop back, but guess what we were told when we called? You guessed it, we were told the part was wrong and he had to order another part, because he thought I had a different computer!! Hello, the computer was right in front of your face genius, all you had to do was look at the model number on the laptop. I wanted my laptop back, but my husband insisted we give them another shot. So, a few days pass and we hear nothing, and when my husband calls no one answers or they say he is unavailable or busy and don't know the status of my computer.

So my husband drove down there demanding to know what the was going on 12/18/2014. The girl at the reception desk was extremely rude and catty, and they made it seem like it was a huge nuisance for my husband to be there asking about my computer. Finally Warren comes out and says oh I'm sorry, I've been busy and haven't even looked at your computer, but I promise it will be done tomorrow.

Next day, my husband calls when he gets home from work at 4pm, and the catty receptionist says its not done yet, but will be done sometime tonight, and probably after hours. My husband says that it is unnacceptable and it better be done in 2 hours, so at 6pm. He drives down there at 6pm and the guys still hasn't touched it. So he demands that he just put the computer back together, and thats when the guys says he will do it right now while my husband waits in the store. He then proceeds to break the lcd cable and broke the bezel around the screen on my laptop so i can't see my new screen at all now.

After my husband informs me of this I am fed up and tell him to put it back together and bring it back now and don't pay them a dime. This guy has no business running a business! He is not an honorable man and his employees are rude and disrespectful. So a one day job turned into 9 days of being lied to and putting us in a deeper hole then we were in before we started. Like I said, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PLACE!
I don't recommend this business
Too many to list!
  They probably paid for the rest of the reviews.
by French F from Clovis
Feb 19, 2014
I'd give them 0 stars if I could.

Completely unprofessional, took then over 3 weeks to replace a dc jack after saying they would get it done in one afternoon, and they scratched my laptop screen in the process. It's not even worth taking it back to them regarding the screen simply because I don't ever want to deal with them again.

The guy sits out there smoking cigarettes and drinking beer outside rather than fixing your issues. I'm not joking, deal with these people at your own risk.
I don't recommend this business
A nice new scratch on your screen
  These guys are the best, very...
by Jbut567
Jan 24, 2012
These guys are the best, very professional and they know computers, I would recommend them to anyone having computer issues as they know their stuff!!! Thanks again for fixing my laptop you saved me a lot of extra work I would have had to do had you not be able to recover all of my files.
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