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Rated Excellent from 11 reviews
What Do We Fix?
TPRS offers diagnostic and repair services for a wide range of cell phones and smartphones, from your basic talk-and-text models to the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. We also repair tablets, iPads, computers, laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, and game consoles.

What Services Do We Offer?
We can repair almost any type of damage your cell phone or digital device might incur. Cracked screens are one of the most common "injuries" we see, so we have a lot of experience repairing this type of damage. We'll diagnose the extent of the damage and then fix it, whether it's iPhone screen repair, iPad repair, or virtually any other type of digital device screen. We can also repair water damage in many cases. Water damage is another very common problem that may afflict your smartphone.
Is your Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, or other smartphone giving an error message? Problems with the graphics, audio, or display? Are some of the buttons, ports, or jacks no longer working properly? Does your phone or device seem to be unable to hold charge? Bring it on in to the professionals at That Phone Repair Shop! Remember, the sooner you bring your damaged phone or device to us, the better!

What Else Do We Do?
In addition to our full-service range of repair options, That Phone Repair Shop offers lots of other ways to improve, upgrade, or customize your phone or device. We stock a huge array of cell phone accessories, from protective cases to replacement parts for the DIY types. We also buy used phones and sell new and refurbished phones and devices.

Contact Us Today!
We make it easy to reach a qualified professional who can answer your questions and offer free estimates. Visit us at our Vineyard Shopping Center location in San Antonio, reach us online at, or give us a call at 210-255-1108
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Phone Number (210) 255-1108
City San Antonio, TX
Zip Code 78258
Address 1205 North Loop 1604 W, Suite 221
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Products and Services
We might be called That Phone Repair Shop, but we also repair computers, laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, and Macbooks! These devices have revolutionized computing over the last several years, allowing us to take powerful, functional computers virtually anywhere we want to go. However, this portability comes at a price-our devices are more susceptible to damage when they're on the go, compared with the giant desktop models of yesteryear that always stayed in one place. As with smartphones and tablets, laptops and notebooks are most susceptible to cracked screens and water damage. In most cases, we can repair these problems and have your laptop as good as new. We can also diagnose and repair other types of damage and problems, such as virus, error messages, and general malfunctioning. If your laptop, Macbook, or notebook is glitchy, or the keyboard, jacks, ports, buttons, or charger seems to be on the fritz, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We offer free estimates, and our caring team is trained to provide you with answers and solutions.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 11 reviews
  Testimonial by Rachael Bailey
Adrian and Diego are awesome! My phone was in rough shape and I had brought it in early in the am to see if it were possible to be fixed and Adrian put my stress at ease when he said it can be fixed in no time. They were so professional and helpful. Super Affordable & high quality work. It was done in a timely fashion and the Shop is clean and friendly atmosphere. They made me feel very comfortable with chit chatting while i waited, and I was so scared that I was going to lose all my pictures and contacts and all my stuff and with their help it got fixed back to new and i didnt lose anything I was sooooooo relieved!!!! I highly recommend going to see these guys for any of your technological set backs!!!
  Testimonial by Meg Lieber
Super friendly and informative staff. Great warranty received. Call ahead and ask if they have parts for your phone (if not, they can order it). Check them out!
  Testimonial by Joseph Stopkey
These guys rock, fixed my Galaxy S6 and saved me from having to buy another phone. Phone was stuck in boot loop and none of the fixes I found worked for it. Very reasonably priced and very fast, these guys are life savers! Thanks!
  Testimonial by Clarissa Ubben
These guys are amazing! They definitely went out of their way to make sure my husband and I were taken care of. All of our issues were resolved for a lot less money than we expected to spend and would have spent anywhere else. (I checked so many other places!) They were also the only shop that were willing to help us with our phone issue. I can honestly say that if we were to ever have any other cell phone, tablet, labtop or electronic issue, this is the only place that we would ever go to!
  Testimonial by John Galindo
Very polite, professional, and very reasonable prices. They replaced my IPhone screen in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend them and will use them again.
  Testimonial by Tony Martinez
They literally came outside the store to look for me when I couldn't find the exact placement of the store, and things only got better from there!!
I waited a few short minutes, thinking that they were evaluating my phone. Then, when they came out, my technician said it would only be another five minutes. They were fixing my phone as I was waiting; not a drop off your phone and give us 24 hours repair shop! Then, I was directed to their flat screen, Netflix ordained television and started watching the beginning of Goodfellas!
Give yourself a break, the phone breaking was enough stress, bring it to these guys and have everything stress free. I went to excuse myself to buy a soda, diet coke to be exact, and the other tech literally gave me one of his own. Guys, you are awesome, thank you for making what could have been a stressful, long, excruciating experience become one that literally made my day: Thank you!
  Testimonial by Jacklyn Ochoa
These guys were absolutely awesome!! Customer service was above and beyond!! They've taken very good care of me and my not so lucky phone. I'd recommend them to any and everyone!! Thanks again guys!! Very Much appreciated!
  Testimonial by Richard Hall
I had an absolutely outstanding experience getting my phone repaired. I broke the screen on my iphone while I was out of town and mailed it to them. It was fixed the day they received it and in the morning they had already mailed it back to me. It was a fantastic repair and I couldn't be happier. Getting it fixed saved me a ton of money and certainly was better than buying a replacement. I would recommend that anyone in need of a fast repair check these guys out.
  Testimonial by Denise McDonald
It's refreshing to get great customer service and a quick fix same place! Fast, friendly service; and a free cleaning fixed the speaker on my iPhone. I highly recommend That Phone Repair Shop.
  Testimonial by Jesse Sanchez
These guys were awesome.
I dropped my galaxy note5 in the pool while I was cleaning it out.I went to Dr.Phones on San Pedro and was asked to pay 40 dollars up front and then 40 if it could be fixed after.And that it would take 48 hours.I couldnt wait that long so I went to sprint and was told the insurance will cover and replace my phone but it would cost 200 dollars.So I started looking for other repair shops and called these people up .I was told free diagnostic test.And after words make a choice to fix or not.It took 45 minutes and it cost under 60 to fix,with 6month warrenty.So I definitly recommed or will use again if needed.
  Testimonial by Angela Portillo
Great customer service adrian is the guy to go to forsure! He fixed my broken screen in no time i was in and out. I'll be sure to recommend this place to other people!
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