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Do you need a reliable company in San Antonio, Texas providing professional computer repair services, data backup & recovery or virus removal? Stop searching - we have detailed information, unbiased customer reviews and recommendations about local professionals.
San Antonio, Texas
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We offer cost-effective IT management solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We provide a complete range of services at a cost significantly less than that of our competitors. Technology is one of the most important aspects of every business. Everything from PC's to websites and mobile devices, we are experts at making everything work together.
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SalvageData Makes a Family's ChristmasSALVAGEDATA Review of Hard Drive Recovery Services
SalvageData is North America's only ISO 9001 quality certified data recovery firm that undergoes regular reviews for SOC 3 security standards. SalvageData reviews clients' failed media free of charge for the best possible results, and goes beyond standard recovery with proprietary techniques that allow us to salvage data from every kind of storage media on the market.
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Computer Repair
Let That Phone Repair Shop be your one-stop shop for all your cell phone and digital device needs! Replacement phones can be pricey. Opting for a high-quality repair service can save you a bundle, and we can all think of better things to do with our hard-earned cash than spending it on unnecessary replacements for our devices.
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We want you to feel comfortable with our computer repair service, and confident that the work is done right the first time. We offer advice, no matter how much you know about technology free of charge. We offer services for San Antonio and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and know that once we repair your system you will be completely satisfied with the work performed.
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Services & Products
Our company offers services to all San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Save with flat rates on- site technicians for home and small business personal computers. Any problem you encounter we will diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix for you. We pride ourselves on offering honest, reliable service at a great price.
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We are a professional computer repair company servicing the San Antonio and surrounding areas. All our technicians are A+ certified as well as Microsoft Certified Professionals. We are also experienced MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft Access database programmers. No fix - no fee!
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We are dedicated to being the best PC support company for home and small business users. We do this by offering best in class customer service, innovative technical solutions, and aggressive pricing. We take great pride in our ability to reduce costs through the effective use of remote support technology.
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Tech 1 Computers is here to provide customers with quality, professional, certified service that is cost effective, time-saving and sensible. Tech 1 Computers is locally owned and a member of the Texas Chamber of Commerce. We have been serving the Hill Country for over 5 years. Trained as Microsoft Certified
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Computer RepairVirus Removal
Our company provides a complete range of technology services from computer repair to website design we can satisfy all your computer related needs. Do you own a small business or work at one that needs IT help? If so we are ready to make your workflow fast and efficient. We are here to repair your PC back to its best but also educate you on how to fix many of the common issues computers face.
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Virus RemovalData Backup & Recovery
Casey got his start in computers at his dads side in 1976 learning to program a Digital PDP-11. That was back in the days of punch tape and computers the size of refrigerators with the computing power of todays $3.00 calculator. Casey is primarily responsible for the service and repair aspects of the
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    At, we are committed to being the best technology company for home and small business computer users in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. We do this by providing excellent customer service, innovative technical solutions and aggressive pricing. 7 days a week.
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